Inside SVG: Crafting Our Internal Marketing Video from Production to Final Edits

Skillman Video Group Wraps Internal Marketing Video

(November 16, 2012) – “And that’s a wrap, folks!”

Finalizing Production Amidst Challenges

Skillman Video Group has triumphantly concluded the shooting phase of our internal marketing video, overcoming challenges such as the disruptive weather conditions brought on by Hurricane Sandy.

With the filming now behind us, our focus shifts to the crucial post-production phase where our video will truly come to life.

Meticulous Post-Production Process

Refining the Raw Material

In post-production, every element of the video undergoes meticulous scrutiny and enhancement.

Our team will synchronize the audio with the visual footage, adjust color settings for visual consistency, and integrate effects and titles that align with SVG’s branding strategy.

This stage is critical in transforming raw footage into a polished and professional final product.

Creating Versions and Rough Cuts

Although this video is intended for internal use, our approach mirrors that of client projects.

We will produce several versions or “rough cuts” of the video.

This iterative process allows us to refine our edits based on feedback and ensure that every aspect of the video meets our high standards.

Collaborative Editing

This phase also involves close collaboration among our directors, producers, and the marketing team.

By reviewing and discussing each version of the video, we can make informed decisions about the content’s direction and ensure that the final product effectively conveys SVG’s market position and values.

Looking Ahead to Video Completion

With a few more rounds of edits and adjustments, our marketing video will be ready to showcase Skillman Video Group’s expertise and creative capabilities.

This video not only highlights our skills but also reinforces our brand’s commitment to quality and innovation in video production.