Skillman Video Group’s Video of the Week: BlackBerry Smartphone

Skillman Video Group’s Video of the Week is back, this time to examine a commercial for the extremely popular BlackBerry Smartphone. Blackberry has taken a variety of demographics by storm in the past few years: businessmen and women, adolescents, young adults. This commercial from the spring promotes a particular BlackBerry model.

One of the first things to be noticed about this advertisement is that it does not speak to a large audience. The phone user is a young woman going through a day of mostly shopping. It is doubtful this ad would appeal to older professionals. Nonetheless, Blackberry is not limiting themselves by engaging only part of their potential customers.

Rather, the commercial is successful because it focuses on just one customer base. Because BlackBerry takes just one group, it gives them the time to connect with their audience, which is extremely important. Immediately, someone in the target group would be able to identify this advertisement is aimed for them by way of the activities (exercise, shopping, talking with friends) and popular music.

This advertisement underscores the necessity of knowing your audience. If you know your audience, then you can learn how to engage them and show them how your product or service can fit into their life. In this commercial, the product easily integrates into the character’s life, which is really just mirroring the audience’s. It is essential here that the viewer can actually see how the product works and could function in their life.

Establishing precisely whom your audience is and how to connect with them can be a difficult task. Skillman Video Group regularly works with clients to determine their audience and produce video that engages them. If you are interested in developing a video for your business or company, please contact Skillman Video Group today!