Skillman Video Group’s Video of Week – BP

Welcome to Skillman Video Group’s Video of the Week. This week, we will be looking at a video from BP’s oil crisis response campaign. BP’s oil crisis in the Gulf of Mexico may not be something your business should aspire to imitate. BP’s video response, on the other hand, shows some wise marketing techniques worth taking a look at.

What’s unusual about this video is that rather than introducing himself immediately, the speaker Keith Seilhan first describes his connection to the oil crisis. This is very important and is something that you can see in many of BP’s commercials. This technique of showing a personal connection is something that can work for your company or organization. Rather than just hawking a product or service, relate a little about what the product or service means to you. This helps create a relationship with the viewer by making you seem more human versus just a person wanting to sell something. It creates trust; if the seller actually believes in the product and appears invested in it than the product seems more credible and desirable.

This video also underscores the importance of audio. The majority of it consists of pictures from the clean-up effort. Without the audio, the video would be relatively uninteresting. If you add in the narration track, just looking at pictures would still not be too exciting. Thus, the music is key here. It makes you want to pay more attention. It helps the pictures flow together seamlessly. The type of music chosen in a video is always crucial. Here, the slow and methodical sound fits the mood BP wants to establish. Music should always work for you in creating a mood, not against you. Choosing appropriate music is extremely important and should be carefully considered. Music is a very important component to any video that helps keep viewers watching.

Here at Skillman Video Group, audio is always edited and chosen with care so as to best suit your video. Not only that, we continually work to produce and edit high-quality professional videos that are tailored to suit your needs. If you are considering a video for your company or organization, contact Skillman Video Group today.