Skillman Video YouTube Channel Update


(April 8, 2015) – We’ve updated our YouTube channel recently to showcase some of our recent client work.

In addition to the new content, we have also organized it in a more viewer-friendly manner, updating all the descriptions and adding links to relevant content. Our contact information is also now in all the descriptions, so viewers may easily contact us. Please take the time to peruse all the new content, and feel free to contact us at any time.

Our focus with this update was to not only showcase new client work so that people can easily see examples of the different kinds of video services we offer, but also to make our content more easily navigable and parseable to viewers.

We utilized YouTube’s new “cards” feature to put easily viewable links to relevant content on our videos, and created some playlists for a couple of different categories of videos we have.

We made sure our descriptions were all up-to-date and relevant to showcasing each video’s content.

The keywords for each video were also updated, ensuring that they show up properly in search results and are categorized correctly by YouTube.

This all serves to make sure that people who are looking for quality Boston video services can easily find our content and related information.

We want the focus to be our content and for it not to necessarily show up when people search for our clients, as their customer base and ours do not intersect.

We are going to continue updating our channel, so be sure to check back for new videos, content, and tips for your own video strategies.