Viral Marketing Mastery: Behind the Crying Cat Video Phenomenon

Decoding Viral Success: The Curious Case of the Crying Cat Video

(June 23, 2011) Last week, a seemingly innocuous online dating bio video featuring a girl ostensibly overwhelmed by her love for cats captured the internet’s attention and quickly went viral.

This amusing, yet puzzling, spectacle raises several questions about the nature of social media videos and their potential use in marketing strategies.

The Enigma of the Cat Video

Initially, the video appears to be a humorous take on an online dating profile, depicting a girl who breaks into tears when talking about cats. However, several elements suggest that there might be more to the story than meets the eye:

  1. Questionable Authenticity: It seems unlikely that someone would intentionally share such a seemingly embarrassing moment. The authenticity of the video’s emotions comes into question.
  2. Strategic Posting: The timing and sequence of video postings on the account also raise suspicions. This video was the first on the account, quickly followed by another, seemingly to age the account and give it a semblance of history.
  3. Potential Hidden Agendas: Could this be a cleverly disguised social marketing campaign by eHarmony? The signs point to a strategic effort to leverage viral content for brand promotion.

Investigative Insights

Using Skillman Video’s SEO analytics, we delved into the impact of this viral phenomenon on eHarmony’s web traffic. The results were telling:

  • Alexa Rankings: There was a noticeable uptick in visitor traffic to eHarmony following the video’s release.
  • Google Trends: Search interest for eHarmony spiked coinciding with the video’s circulation.

These metrics suggest that a significant number of the video’s 8 million viewers might have been driven to eHarmony’s website, intrigued by the buzz the video generated.

Comparisons and Implications

This strategy is reminiscent of Boxxy, the infamous vlogger whose videos sparked intense online debates about her sincerity and intentions, leading to widespread viral engagement.

While Boxxy’s content was a satirical take on typical vlogs, eHarmony’s potential use of a similar formula indicates a strategic adoption of viral tactics for subtle marketing.

The Power of Social Media Videos

Simple, fast, and cost-effective, social media videos like this have the potential to yield significant returns on investment (ROI).

While going viral can never be guaranteed and may not always be desirable—especially for B2B businesses seeking a more professional image—the strategic use of entertaining content can effectively drive traffic and enhance brand visibility.

Strategic Marketing in the Digital Age

If not already deliberate, this approach should certainly be considered by marketing strategists.

The case of the crying cat video underscores the importance of understanding viral dynamics and the potential of social media to amplify a brand’s message in unexpected ways.