Social Video: Inspiration Studios

While I was writing my last piece about DSLRs I was reminded of a popular B2B social video campaign for a camera rental house in Australia. Inspiration Studios produces a marketing video series discussing new technology available for rent. Sometimes they are on the road at industry events like NAB demonstrating/mocking new camera tech and sometimes just doing satire. To anyone familiar with camera tech, videos like this and this are hilarious.

The videos get a few thousand hits which doesn’t seem like much, but everyone in Melbourne’s production industry watches them. And that is what is important. The videos and humor are directed at camera geeks and producers, not the general public. Strictly B2B. They are far more entertaining than the usual boring, tedious, clichéd technology videos. The series has made them stand out as the “cool” place to rent camera gear in Australia.

I talked about this a bit here, but I really want to emphasize it again. If you want to attract B2B clients you can make a targeted video that is not just informative, but also entertaining. It doesn’t have to be funny, just interesting to watch.

Inspiration Studios combines video, a blog, website, and Facebook page essential to a successful social media campaign. This is the perfect example of the kind of integrated social video campaign SVG can do for our B2B clients.

Check out their Vimeo channel for more.