Video Marketing and Sales Force Automation

(April 14, 2010) – Last week, Boston video producer and principal of Skillman Video Group, Christina Skillman, along with our technology partner Neil Saviano of CRM Boston, met with the management team of Capital Services and Supplies Inc. (CSS) in Washington, DC.

Over the two-day meeting, we discussed their current marketing and sales strategies along with new technologies available for increasing sales through video, SEO, and internet marketing.

Capital Services & Supplies HQ in Washington DC!
Capital Services & Supplies HQ in Washington DC!

For any marketing program, it is essential to have a consistent message. Deciding on what this central message should be will not only help in the production of a marketing video, but in every aspect of a marketing program, from the outside sales staff to print ads, catalogues, and the web. It is what we call your “brand.”

We began our meeting at CSS by asking seemingly simple questions like, “Who are you?” and “What do you do?” and “What do you do that is different from your competitors?”

Through this discovery process, we can determine what their best strengths are and how to best use video and the Internet to market their services to potential customers.

We next discussed logistics for shooting the video (style, location, content, etc.).

There are a lot of details that need to be taken into consideration when producing a professional marketing video, and we had to be sure every “t” was crossed and “i” dotted before we left!

After we had a firm grasp on the marketing video, we next discussed the new marketing opportunities available to them through the Internet.

Internet marketing works in two ways. 1) Through SVG’s SEO services, we can help bring people to your site, and 2) once they are on your site, how do we convert those visitors into viable leads?

At SVG, we call that the “video conversion point.”

The content on your site has to be of sufficient quality to draw them in immediately and impel them to pick up the phone and call!

Going out to lunch on the last day on Capital Hill!
Going out to lunch on the last day on Capital Hill!

The two-day meeting was concluded by Neil Saviano giving a presentation about their integrated call center and the ability to integrate video within their current sales processes and CRM software.

By the end of the process, Capital Services and Supplies Inc. should have a complete and total integrated marketing solution that includes sales force automation, video, and Internet marketing.

By utilizing all the technology that is available to them, Capital Services and Supplies will be differentiating themselves from their competitors and thus increasing their visibility in the marketplace.

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