Social Video: Thomas Barnett

I wanted to share with you an excellent model for how to integrate video, online media, and traditional media in a B2B environment by highlighting the work of Thomas Barnett, a geopolitical strategist and entrepreneur. Barnett earned his doctorate in Soviet Studies right before the fall of the Iron Curtain. When the Soviet Union collapsed he found himself practically out of work. Barnett spent the next ten years reexamining the new geopolitical and economic paradigm. He deftly created a multimedia campaign to discuss his works through books, lectures, columns in Esquire, Time, and WPR, power point and a blog.

Building on the ideas he discussed in his books and briefs, Barnett founded a B2B enterprise, Enterra Solutions, to provide support and consultation to NGO’s operating in developing countries, especially Afganistan and Iraq. Then he opened a social media outlet, WikiStrat, that borrowed from the wiki model of disaggregated, open source content. At Wikistrat armchair geopolitical strategists (students, enterprises, authors) can discuss issues of development, military, and economics. He has provided his fans and clients (businesses and academia) a forum to discuss and debate their opinions. This translates into not only return readers but also better SEO through crosslinking and buzz.

Barnett releases a biweekly video discussing current issues. The videos aren’t pretty — Skillman Video Group could could offer him some pointers on making nicer looking video. But they are effective at generating discussion among his followers and clients. The success of this effort shows that social media (blogs, wikis, etc.) works best when integrated with video content and vice-versa.

Barnett has been a master of employing a multimedia approach to marketing his company and spreading his ideas for global peace through economic integration and military reform while attracting customers to his enterprises. He knows how to leverage all types of media: print, radio, television, blogging, twitter, and social video. He should serve as a model for other B2B focused enterprises and agencies. This is the kind of integrated marketing solution that Skillman could provide to our clients.