Social Video: YouTube Car

(July 15, 2011) – I wanted to share another example of a B2B social video I found this week starring a car, a yeti, and the viewer.

Back when YouTube was still seen as a place for funny cat videos and 80’s music videos, they wanted to attract marketing creatives to the platform. YouTube developed “YouTube Show and Tell” to showcase creative marketing videos, hoping to attract a community of agency creatives.

To promote YTS&T they hired Devilfish, a collection of Boston artists, to create videos depicting the interactive adventures of a miniature car named, appropriately, “Car.”

With some clever eye-catching visuals “Car” demonstrates how to leverage annotation, cross-linking, comments, and other features of YouTube.

This video seems to use them all. The videos are fun to watch and fun to play with while showing how to use youtube’s many interactive social video tools.

The videos are aimed at a strictly B2B audience: YouTube to Agency. They also supported the growth of a community of agency creatives and art directors on YouTube.

Now, of course, YouTube is THE place to upload your social marketing videos. The “Car” videos were instrumental in attracting a young, artistic following.

This is another example of how merging social media with some high-quality video content can kickstart a marketing campaign.

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