Creative Horizons: Behind the Scenes with Steffian Bradley Architects

Introduction to a Unique Project


Last week, our team had the exciting opportunity to shoot a project for a renowned Boston architectural firm, Steffian Bradley Architects.

This web video was a delightful change of pace from our usual work, incorporating a scripted narrative to complement their newly redesigned website.

It was a perfect chance to flex our creative muscles and explore new boundaries in video production.

Scripted Scenes and Storyboarding

Our video producers spent the day meticulously following scripts and storyboards as we set up each shot.

The detailed planning that went into each scene was crucial, ensuring that every element aligned perfectly with the firm’s vision for their website.

This level of precision not only enhanced the quality of our shoot but also provided a structured environment for creativity to flourish.

Imitation Game: Recreating Iconic Cinema

One of the highlights of the day was the opportunity to mimic a famous scene from a well-known film.

Although we’re keeping the specifics under wraps to avoid spoilers, the chance to recreate a scene that is universally recognizable—even to those who haven’t seen the movie—was particularly thrilling.

This task challenged our team to adapt and innovate, bringing a piece of cinematic history into our project in a modified form.

The Power of Persuasion: Simple Solutions

Photo 2

How do you keep 30 people engaged and present in one room for an extended period? The answer is simple: food.

We employed one of the oldest tricks in the production book by bringing in boxes of fresh pizza to the shoot.

This not only kept our team and the firm’s staff happy but also ensured that everyone was energized and cooperative throughout the day.

Acting for the Camera: Embracing New Roles

The biggest challenge in a project like this is coaxing natural performances out of individuals who are not professional actors.

In this case, the architects themselves were the stars.

Ensuring that their delivery of lines was natural, despite being scripted, required a focus on tone, inflection, tempo, and emphasis.

It’s fascinating how every detail matters and how much effort everyone needs to put in to get a line just right.

Collaborative Dynamics and Final Takes

photo 3

Collaboration was key to our success.

Working closely with the architects, we were able to blend their expert insights into the architectural world with our storytelling techniques.

This synergy not only enriched the content but also made the experience more authentic and engaging for the audience.

The final product was not just a video but a narrative experience that conveyed the essence of Steffian Bradley Architects’ philosophy and workplace culture.

Reflecting on a Day of Innovative Filmmaking

As the day wrapped up, the sense of achievement was palpable.

From mimicking classic film scenes to managing a large group with the allure of pizza, the project was a testament to the power of creativity and collaboration in video production.

It was a reminder that sometimes, stepping out of our comfort zones is the best way to discover new talents and perspectives.