Steffian Bradley Architects Shoot

Last week we shot a project for a Boston architectural firm, Steffian Bradley Architects. This web video was a change of pace from the majority of our work. This was a script narrative to coincide with their redesigned web page. It was a great opportunity to switch things up and test our creative edge.


Imitation Game

Our video producers spent the day with scripts and story boards in hand as we set up our shots. One of the parts that really stuck out in the day was an opportunity to mimic a famous scene from a film. We don’t want to say too much and spoil it, but getting a chance to recreate a modified version of a scene that almost everyone, even those who haven’t seen the movie will know, is something we enjoyed.

The power of persuasion

It’s a simple problem, and results in a helpful tip. How do you get 30 people to all stay in one room for a prolonged period of time? Food. We had to shoot a scene with the majority of the firm in their conference room, and in order to make it easier to convince people to stick around, boxes full of fresh pizza were brought it. It’s one of the oldest production tricks in the book, but it always works.

Photo 2

photo 3

Acting for Camera

The biggest challenge for a project like this is getting the performances you need. It’s easy to forget when you’re watching a movie that the words coming out of the actor’s mouth are not their own. It’s hard to appreciate how well actors do on camera until you’ve done it yourself. It was important for this project that, while our actors were architects, their words and motions were, or at least seemed, natural. It’s amazing just how focused everyone has to be to figure out how to get a line right. The tone, inflection, tempo, and emphasis all have to be consciously delivered.

Our video producers here at Skillman Video Group will be sure to keep you up to date with the progress of this project here on the blog.

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