SVG Announces New Service – Social Video Marketing!

SVG Announces New Service - Social Video Marketing! 1Skillman Video Group is pleased to announce a new service, Social Video Marketing (SVM).   This service represents a new approach and methodology to marketing professional quality video through search engines and social media. Click the thumbnail to download the case study.

Social Video Marketing (SVM) not only enables a business or organization to sell or market a product or service in the most compelling and effective  medium possible – video – but also to reach out to prospects utilizing the latest Internet Marketing techniques. This is achieved by optimizing the video and respective areas of a website, that can drive traffic from other websites and social media sites. The goal of this process is two fold:  1) to drive traffic to a company’s site through SEO, Social Media and strategic linking and 2) once on the site, to present enough engaging and informative video content that it will convert “casual” web visitors to viable  business prospects.  At Skillman Video Group we call that the  “video conversion point”.

“Not only do we do social video marketing for our clients but we do it for ourselves and have experienced dramatic results and increased our traffic 150% over a three month time frame.” – Christina Skillman, Principle Skillman Video Group.

Skillman Video Group has implemented these principles and methodology for their own corporate website and has increased traffic ten-fold. Please download our case study that analyzes the methodology used and outlines considerations for an organization exploring corporate video.