SVG Does Live Event Video Production Work… Internationally

(March 30, 2013) – Skillman Video Group was recently hired by the Rwandan government and the President of Rwanda to film an event held at the University of Hartford in Connecticut.

President Paul Kagame gave a speech about the horrors of genocide and spoke to the public about his country’s experience.

The Rwandan government needed a production company that would be adaptable and willing to edit on the spot in order to send the footage back across the ocean to be aired on Rwandan news. In order to maintain maximum flexibility, SVG used a crew and post-production team of exactly one. The event was recorded with professional results and successfully sent along to be broadcast internationally.

This is a service that Skillman Video Group is willing and able to provide: flexible and professional live event video production work.

Whether you need a small team (or even one person) to capture a speech or a full-fledged crew to work on a concert, SVG has the know-how and experience to provide top-notch service.

As the event in Hartford shows, we are even able to do on-the-spot editing in order to give your footage the final touch it needs before being sent out into the world.