SVG Does Practical Effects

Professional Actress in Boston This past week, Skillman Video Group filmed a series of  Boston video marketing commercials for our Time Payment client, using a space in the Red Sky Studios. This client shoot was truly a sight to behold, as our top-notch Boston video production team orchestrated various practical effects and even pyrotechnics all in real time. Here’s a peek into the meticulously planned awesomeness.

Art Design

The SVG art design crew had to do stellar work for this client shoot, or else the commercial concepts just wouldn’t have come together. One of the commercials entailed a sous chef that experiences a culinary disaster. The concept was intended to be humorous, and a lot of humor can come from ridiculousness on screen. The art crew was able to simulate a mixing bowl malfunction by dumping a lot of flour into the bowl and rigging a CO2 tank to blow out the flour in droves. The end result was a hilarious depiction of a rookie chef being covered in showers of white powder.

The next shot was the sous chef’s boss calling Time Payment insurance. In the background, a pantry fridge was in total disarray thanks to the art crew’s knack for making a mess with food. Our corporate video production company in Boston enjoys occasional goofiness on set.


Corporate video production BostonThe last commercial for day one was about an aspiring rock artist destroying his speakers from, well, rocking too hard, as rock stars tend to do. After the art crew completely broke apart the fake speakers (just wood and Styrofoam), SVG- hired pyro-technicians began setting up wires and fuse boxes around the debris. This culminated in real sparks shooting into the air as the rock star strummed his broken guitar one last time, to spectacular effect.

The pro-technicians also had smoke machines, which were great for a hair salon commercial earlier in the day. A hair salon guest is just leisurely reading a magazine when she notices smoke spooling out from the dryer dome over her head. This was by far the funniest moment of the day, because the professional actress’ panicked reaction was shrill and picture-perfect with the smoke behind her.

Boston Video Production Corporation We had a total blast shooting the commercials for Time Payment, and we hope to work with them again in the near future, hopefully with even more wacky special effect ideas. As a Boston video production company, we worked closely with the client to bring their vision to life, and the effects brought so much personality to the videos.

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