SVG “Dos Equis” Parody

(August 16, 2016) – This summer, Skillman Video Group had two interns, Chloe and Jason, who worked with CEO Christina Skillman on Boston video production shoots, along with other important tasks that help run a successful video marketing company.

One of the fun projects that they got to work on was an intern made marketing video for SVG. This was an opportunity for the interns to get an understanding of what it takes to fully write, produce, and edit a commercial, just like in the real world of video production.

The “Dos Equis” parody video that they produced had some meaningful points that are worth bringing up for any future intern who is thinking about working on a video production.


This specific parody video was simplistic in nature when it came to writing because the script was not long, but it needed to have flare in the punch lines.

The famous Dos Equis commercials feature an older gentleman talking about all the outlandish activities he partakes in that seem a little too good to be true. In fact, they don’t seem possible at all, which is what makes the jokes so funny.

While writing the script for the SVG parody video, both Chloe and Jason had to figure out how to tie in the comedy with the actual message of the video. That message was, by the way, an exaggerated video of Christina Skillman and why she runs “the most interesting video production company in the world.”

This is a twist on the classic line from all Do Equis commercials that made the SVG Boston production company video just as funny. The interns worked hard on figuring out what would be the best lines to use and created a one minute marketing video to be published on YouTube.



Filming this video was not difficult considering the shots were pretty simple but the trick was that they had to be executed perfectly. Since the voiceover was going to be making the punch lines on the comedy side, the basic shot list had to be done seamlessly. Both Chloe and Jason were present for all the filming and editing of this film, which made a great collaboration of work and ideas for this video to be the best that it can. The video production services that were incorporated in this film included equipment that both interns had access to making this production 100% intern made. Though the process of filming didn’t take long for the interns to accomplish, the planning and strategic work that went into organizing this production was what made it a successful Boston video production company commercial.

The Dos Equis parody commercial that Chloe and Jason worked on proved to be an exciting and challenging piece of work. From concept to visuals, both interns had to work together to create a piece that could rival corporate video ideas. After the preparation, filming, and editing, both interns and SVG are proud to present their finished summer 2016 Dos Equis parody video.