SVG hires new Marketing Coordinator

SVG Marketing Coordinator(December 11, 2013) – Hey there! My name is Emerson and I’m the new Marketing Coordinator at Skillman Video Group.
I am excited to be part of the growing team at SVG. I came into this role through a previous internship position here, and right off the bat, I realized SVG was a place I needed to be.
I specialize in a multitude of marketing activities, such as online marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, marketing strategy, implementation, and analysis.
Though marketing is my main area of focus here, I also have a particular keenness for entrepreneurship.
Not only do I have a degree in Entrepreneurship (literally), but I truly enjoy working with small start-ups and helping them reach their maximum potential. Many times, small start-ups have a brilliant idea but just lack the resources or expertise to deliver it to the market. These projects are my bread and butter.

Of course, working at Skillman Video Group is like working at a small start-up, although we’ve now been around for almost 10 years.
Working beside Christina Skillman is a great lesson in entrepreneurship, and I hope to pick up bits of wisdom as I go.
I’m looking forward to working more with the companies we have relationships with and continuing the famous SVG standard of quality.