SVG Internship Video Project

(December 22, 2016) – As the 2016 year comes to a close, the interns at Skillman Video Group have been given the task of creating our own video for SVG.

We have worked closely alongside Christina Skillman with her many professional video production projects over the past few months, and the time has come for us to show her all that we’ve learned!boston videographer, professional video production company

As we’ve been taught over the course of the internship, a great video starts with great planning. Part of our video production services at SVG includes preparing and brainstorming for each video that we plan to shoot.

For this particular shoot, it was up to our interns Deane Sullivan and Anna Topping (with the assistance of Christina Skillman) to put our ideas into action; planning every step of the way. Let’s take a look into the pre production that took place for our professional video production project.

How to use Video Content for Marketing

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Whether it’s a corporate training video production or an online advertisement video, you need to understand what the overall goal of your video is; what are you trying to accomplish?

Keeping this in mind, we sat down and worked on the “goal” of this video (just like SVG does with it’s clients). For this particular internship assignment, we decided that the goal of this video was to highlight the benefits of working with a professional video production company

Like SVG: allowing your video content to be optimized, and discoverable, online. Having video content online that is easy to find ensures that it will be watched by many different people; thus, growing your business and notoriety.

Keeping this theme in mind, we decided to make a fake movie trailer that would deal with two people who posted an online video without taking the correct steps, and their lack of professional video production experience would come back to haunt them.

It goes without saying, the trailer is for a fake scary movie. It will be short and funny, while promoting the need for using a professional video production company to best serve video content.

Video Production Equipment

video production services

Fortunately, as interns at SVG, we have access to some of the best Boston videographers and professional video production equipment in the city.

We chose, however, to film with iPhones and very little equipment. We thought it was a strong choice, given that the theme of the project deals with people posting video content incorrectly and unprofessionally.

Anyone can make videos on their phones and mobile devices; however, using a professional video production company with quality videographers and equipment ensures a top quality product that reflects your business in the best way.

Video Marketing Strategy

A large chunk of planning for our professional video production shoot involved working out all the details and logistics of shooting.

Where would we be shooting? Which times during the day will give us the best amount of natural light? How will we film this shot at this angle versus that shot at that angle? What will each shot communicate?

Addressing these questions, and many more, required a well-planned itinerary. We sat down and picked out specific dates, times, and locations.

With all of this planning, scriptwriting, preparation, and location scouting, we feel confidently that our video will be a hit!

We are looking forward to sharing more with you about our shooting experience(s) once we wrap production on the shoot next week. Following that, we will enter the world of “post-production,” where editing the footage will further enhance the look and theme of our video. Stay tuned!