SVG Introduces its new Director of SEO

NEW SEO Director

(September 24, 2013) – Greetings!  My name is Nicole Tongue. I consider myself a global ideas individual with an unconventional DNA.

I am not a Search Engine Optimization Specialist. I am a Search Engine Marketer.

I apply all the rules of Google’s algorithms when optimizing my clients sites and integrate an effective social media marketing strategy, in order to generate new leads for my clients. I am thrilled to be working at Skillman Video Group as Director of SEO.

Being an SEO addict, Skillman Video Group is offering me this rare opportunity to provide my services to their current and prospective clients.

My methodologies will improve website ranking and performance for clients of Skillman Video Group, while helping clients of SVG develop websites that provide the look and feel necessary to attract target audiences.

I like to ignite emotion in consumers or business individuals. Let’s collaborate and develop content that will convey images and descriptions to drive traffic and lead your site visitors to request more.

Today’s websites for any organization must be more flexible, collaborative, and creative than their 20th-century predecessors.

Although many organizations understand that the internet and online search are constantly evolving, their marketing strategies have not yet adapted to encourage the change.

Online competition in all industries is emerging more rapidly than ever before in companies of all sizes and from every corner of the globe.

It is increasingly clear that any organization that wishes to have an online presence—in this hyper competitive landscape—is one that can figure out how to leverage the innovative power of effective search engine marketing.

As your SEO consultant, I am that leverage.