SVG Introduces New “SEO 101” FREE e-Book!

As Skillman Video Group grows, we’ve brought on a lot of new things. We began offering our Online Marketing Packages last quarter, and as we’ve written about extensively, we know SEO is a constantly evolving beast, and to stay on top of it you have to be current and be proactive.
In this vein, we have begun to roll out a new way for users to experience our website and learn from our expertise; E-books. We want to offer people free and informative E-books so that if they need help understanding SEO, SEO for video, or the best type of video for their needs, they can simply download an E-book, designed and written by us. With these new E-books, we strive to further help our clients and the general public in understanding key marketing and video subjects so that they can be better informed and more able to decide what marketing, SEO, or video services they need for their business, if any at all.
This will save people time and money, and when they do decide they want a service, they’ll know exactly what they want, and no unnecessary resources will be wasted.CLICK HERE to read our first e-Book. Titled “SEO, The Tutorial”, in this first rendition of our new E-books, we strive to explain the constantly changing landscape of SEO, how to get ahead of it, and how to avoid costly SEO mistakes. Take a look, and stay tuned for more E-books from us!