SVG On Set: Boston Video Production with LEK Consulting

boston video production

Skillman Video Group recently provided video production services for LEK Consulting at their downtown Boston location, overlooking both Boston’s historic North End and the famous city harbor. The footage was for thought-leadership videos; the opportunity for several of LEK’s brightest minds to put a face and voice to their areas of expertise. Generating executive insights (EI’s) are skillsets best utilized when businesses and other investors have the opportunity to further understand them in their simplest forms. At SVG, we gave many of these “masterminds” at LEK the video production provisions needed to best explain their intellectual endeavors/properties, and all of the potential success it can amount to.

LEK Consulting is a large, renowned company that has many departments, management teams, and areas of interest. SVG was able to work with several key members from LEK in both a Boston video production shoot, as well as a coordinated shoot in their London offices. Some of the various sectors represented at our shoot included: Agro-Business, Automotive, Private Equity, Packaging, Chemical, Industrial Construction, and several more. With a project of this size, and with the level of cinematic professionalism, SVG’s footage in both cities will give LEK an excellent upper hand in sharing their ideas and work.

Boston Video Production Company

Because several of these LEK leaders and intellectual entrepreneurs work in vast cities spanning the globe, SVG and LEK took much time in advance to orchestrate this video production shoot in a way that enabled many of these individuals to be in the same city at the same time. Christina Skillman, CEO of SVG, corresponded with everyone that would be in front of the camera – lightly going over dialogue prior to the shoot to ensure that the video commentary felt prepared yet organic. On the day of the shoot, the SVG team arrived in the early hours of the morning to make sure everything was professionally ready. SVG’s Boston videographer set up the best lighting, sound, and camera equipment in one of the top conference rooms of the downtown skyscraper. LEK’s representatives came prepared, enthusiastic, and passionate. It allowed these brilliant individuals to personalize their stories and ideas; conveying their intelligence and potential, but through the filter of fun, casual conversation with the camera.

It was a long shoot filled with incredible city views, beautiful video services, and LEK scholars giving visual life to all of the talent they possess. At SVG, we are thankful for all of LEK’s hard work and collaboration with our video production services, and look forward to the copious amounts of success these videos will bring!

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