Showcasing Leadership: Bridgehouse Asset Managers’ CEO Press Release Video

    Swift and Strategic Video Production


    Last week, Skillman Video Group (SVG) was tasked by Toronto-based Bridgehouse Asset Managers to produce a critical interview with their CEO, aimed at an upcoming press release.

    Recognizing the urgency of the request, our team quickly mobilized, assembling our crew and equipment to ensure the shoot could proceed without delay by the following Tuesday.

    Optimizing Video for Press Releases

    Using video in press releases offers distinct advantages over traditional text.

    It allows companies to:

    • Humanize their brand by putting a face to the name, making the company more relatable and approachable.
    • Deliver information in a structured manner that is easy for audiences to follow and digest.
    • Overcome the constraints of text-based communication by using visual storytelling to evoke emotions and build trust.

    Preparation and Execution


    For this particular press release, the choice to feature the CEO was strategic, intended to foster a connection and establish credibility with the audience.

    By presenting the company’s leader, viewers not only receive information but also gain insight into the personality and values at the helm of the business.

    Location and Logistics

    The interview was conducted at the company’s own offices, which simplified the logistics significantly by eliminating the need for location scouting.

    This setting not only provided a controlled environment for filming but also offered a glimpse into the actual workplace, adding an authentic backdrop to the CEO’s message.

    Technical Details and Shooting


    Our Director of Photography utilized a Sony FS7 in HD to capture the interview, ensuring high-quality visuals.

    The footage was expediently delivered to Bridgehouse the next day to meet the tight turnaround demands.

    The set was carefully arranged to optimize lighting and sound, enhancing the overall production quality.

    Crafting the Message

    The content of the press release video was meticulously planned to highlight key messages about new features, services, or company developments.

    It was crucial that these elements were presented in a manner that was not only informative but also engaging and persuasive.

    Leveraging Social Media for Amplified Reach

    Upon completion, the video was primed for distribution across social media platforms, where it could quickly circulate among target demographics.

    This rapid dissemination is vital in today’s fast-paced market, allowing the company to maintain direct and timely communication with its audience.

    Reflections on a Successful Production

    The project concluded successfully, demonstrating SVG’s capability to navigate time-sensitive challenges and deliver a polished product swiftly.

    This shoot was a testament to the power of video in enhancing corporate communications and its effectiveness in conveying a company’s persona and key messages.