SVG on Set: Quick Turnaround for a PR Video

Last Friday, SVG was approached by the Toronto-based Bridgehouse Asset Managers to shoot an interview with their CEO for an upcoming press release. In need of a quick turnaround, we were able to assemble our crew, determine the equipment necessary for the project, and shoot the following Tuesday.


When it comes to a press release, it’s ideal to have a clear message and tone prepared going in to really show your audience what the company is about. Using video for a press release is advantageous in that you can:

  • Humanize the company
  • Present information in an organized and easy to follow manner
  • Transcend the limitations of text

While reading an article is often efficient, video puts the power of images in your hands, allowing you to select the most appropriate and flattering persona for the company. Being able to place a face with a name will familiarize your target audience with the business and enables them to experience and then associate particular emotions with the video.


When planning a video for a press release, it’s important to consider who will portray the face of the company, where you will shoot, and, specifically, what information is most important to emphasize. Bridgehouse used their CEO, which will allow viewers to see and hear from the man who actually runs the company, and even develop feelings of trust. Having a person in a high-ranking position from your company speak in your video will increase the credibility of the message and show viewers exactly who is making decisions in the company.

The shoot took place at offices owned by the company, eliminating the need for any location scouting (normally essential in pre-production) and eased the pressure due to the time constraints. The crew assessed the set and made necessary modifications to accommodate for lighting and sound quality. Our Director of Photography shot on a Sony FS7 in HD and had the footage delivered to the client the next day. This set also gave a glimpse into the workplace of the company and acted as a sort of sneak peak.


Finally, the information being conveyed in the press release is going to be the key to persuading your audience that they require your services. Whatever new features, offers, or changes your company is promoting, they must be presented logically and creatively.

With the advantage of social media marketing, the footage could be uploaded and circulated as soon as post-production was completed. This type of expedited turnaround has the potential to influence consumer awareness in mere days from the conception of the idea.

Quick video marketing for a press release allows a company to be in close range of contact with their demographic and expound upon information, promotions, and, of course, character, in a competitive and ever-changing climate. SVG was very excited to be able to provide this client with a finished product in the time allotted and to handle any obstacles with undaunted problem solving.

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