SVG on Set: Sales Video for Jensen-Group


(December 28, 2015) – Last week, SVG filmed a sales video for Jensen-Group, an industry leader in washroom technology. We went to the Crown Uniform and Linen Services plant in Brockton, which is the first fully automated laundry plant in North America.

When Crown began planning this plant they were originally only interested in purchasing one piece of equipment from Jensen. After visiting their plant in Europe and seeing firsthand the efficiency of their line of products, Crown decided to stock the plant exclusively with Jensen products. The plant was custom designed for Crown’s needs and was built to be a pleasant work environment with plenty of natural light.


Jensen is a Danish company that hired our professional video production company to produce its first business video in North America. During initial discovery meetings back in August, our CEO Christina realized that the story separating this plant from others is the fact that both Crown and Jensen are family owned and run by fourth generation family members.

Over the course of two days we acquired comprehensive footage of the entire plant, making sure to get diversified B-Roll coverage of the different machines. We even waited for different types of garments to come down the sorting line to ensure that the footage wouldn’t all look the same.

On the second day, we conducted interviews with some of the leaders of Jensen and Crown. We recorded the interviews in a lovely glass conference room that looked over the entire floor of the plant. With doctor’s coats swinging past in the background, we collected excellent sound bites from each of our subjects who were able to discuss their business with passion and confidence.


With hours of footage at our disposal, we will be editing a five-minute video for Jensen and a separate video for Crown as well. Although Jensen is our client, once Crown heard about our professional video editing services, we agreed to create a second video for them as well. With all of the footage we were able to obtain, creating two similar but distinctly individual videos will not be difficult.

Despite trouble shooting with the usual issues that pop up on set, such as glare from an adjacent window during the interviews or noise contamination from the machines, it was a very successful shoot, and everyone was an absolute pleasure to work with.