Bringing Stories to Life: SVG Films ONvocal’s “About Us” Video

Christina and Chuck shooting video

Skillman Video Group (SVG) recently traveled to Beacon Hill to film a series of interview-style corporate videos for ONvocal, a technology company specializing in high-end headphones and audio-related technologies.

The goal was to create an “About Us” segment for ONvocal’s website, aimed at giving a personal touch and introducing the founders and their stories to the customers.

This project was particularly important as it coincided with the upcoming release of ONvocal’s first product.

Setting Up in Beacon Hill

The SVG team for this shoot included founder Christina Skillman, videographer Chuck Green, and production assistant Anna Topping.

They arrived at the fourteenth-floor office on Cambridge Street at around 8 a.m. The location offered a stunning view of Beacon Hill, but the small size of the room presented a challenge.

With two cameras, two lights, two microphones, and various tripods and cords, space was at a premium. The team also had to accommodate two or three members of the ONvocal team in the room for each interview, making it a tight fit.

Organizing the Shoot

The entire shoot was meticulously organized and planned. The team followed a schedule of six individual interviews, each allotted an hour for setup, shooting, and answering questions.

ONvocal’s Marketing Manager, Courtney, had prepared a brief script of questions about the company’s foundation and the new product details.

The interviewees, while excited, appreciated Courtney’s presence and encouragement to speak naturally, which helped maintain a positive and comfortable environment on set.

Capturing Authentic Stories

Filming ONvocal

Over the course of six hours, SVG filmed twelve hours of raw footage with two cameras. Each interview lasted about an hour, during which the team captured genuine and authentic responses.

The relaxed atmosphere facilitated by SVG’s professional and friendly approach allowed the interviewees to share their stories candidly. This authenticity is crucial in creating an engaging “About Us” video that resonates with viewers and potential customers.

Filming B-Roll Footage

After completing the interviews, the team used the remaining time to shoot b-roll footage.

B-roll is essential for adding context and visual interest to the final video, providing additional layers to the narrative. This supplementary footage will help to create a more dynamic and engaging video, giving viewers a well-rounded understanding of ONvocal and its innovative products.

Post-Production: Crafting the Final Video

With the shoot complete, the next step in the process is editing.

The SVG editing team is hard at work condensing the twelve hours of footage into a concise, two-minute clip that tells the story of ONvocal and their groundbreaking headphones. This involves selecting the best moments from each interview, integrating the b-roll footage, and ensuring that the final video is polished and professional.

Reflections on the Experience

This project with ONvocal exemplifies SVG’s ability to adapt to different environments and deliver high-quality video content under various conditions.

The experience of transforming a small office into a professional video set, coordinating multiple interviews, and managing extensive equipment in a limited space showcases the team’s expertise and dedication.

The Importance of Personal Touch in Corporate Videos

Creating an “About Us” video is more than just filming interviews; it’s about capturing the essence of a company and the people behind it.

By bringing out the personal stories of ONvocal’s founders and team members, SVG helps build a connection between the company and its audience.

This personal touch is vital in today’s digital age, where customers seek authenticity and relatability in the brands they support.

A Successful Collaboration

Working with ONvocal was a rewarding experience for the SVG team. The cooperation and enthusiasm of the ONvocal team contributed to the success of the shoot, resulting in high-quality footage that will effectively tell their story. As the editing process continues, the anticipation builds for the final video, which promises to be a compelling and engaging introduction to ONvocal and their innovative products.

The ONvocal project highlights SVG’s expertise in video production and their ability to bring out the best in their clients. Through careful planning, professional execution, and a focus on authenticity, SVG continues to deliver exceptional video content that meets and exceeds client expectations.