SVG Produces Client Testimonial Videos for Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner!

Hollibalance Shoot Last Friday, Skillman Video Group shot a marketing video for HolliBalance Well-Being Center.  Located in the Boston Area, HolliBalance provides acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine to clients suffering from ailments ranging from muscle pain to high cholesterol. The shoot included two testimonial videos from clients who had received care from HolliBalance with excellent results, and a short instructional video on some stretches to alleviate back pain based on the Chinese practice of Tai Chi and led by Dr. Yi Song, founder of Hollibalance.

Each video showcases a different aspect of the HolliBalance Well-Being Center’s commitment to delivering the best quality care to their patients. Testimonials are a tried and true way of bringing new clients in; prospective customers feel more of a connection to real people recounting their experiences than to an actor or simply a voiceover. It’s like hearing the news from a friend. The stretching video can be an excellent way to gather interest as well.  If a potential client comes across the video online and tries the exercise, they will be more likely to look and see how else Hollibalance can help them in other areas.

Overall the video is open, informative, and calming. People can have a lot of misconceptions about “Traditional Chinese Medicine”, but we wanted Dr. Song’s friendly, helpful personality to shape the mood of the video, and help potential customers have a better understanding of what the company does and how they can use the services.

A video marketing campaign can garner interest in your business in more than one way. By creating different types of videos, you can reach a much broader group of individuals. Not everyone will respond to your marketing the same way, and Skillman Video Group can help you determine what platforms are most efficient and beneficial for your company, just like they did for Hollibalance Well-Being Center.