SVG Produces Live Event Video for Abram Little-Gill Lobrefeld PC Conference and Newton Marriott

On Tuesday, Abram Little-Gill Loberfeld PC held a conference at the Boston Marriott Newton Hotel. Skillman Video Group was in attendance to capture the event. The event was not exclusive to Abram Little-Gill Loberfeld employees as many of their local partners were in attendance from business associates to bankers. The topic of the day was tax law. Multiple speakers shed light on the intricacies of the codes and regulations.

A very interesting point that was raised had to do with bank closings. During the recent financial crisis, only one bank in all of Massachusetts had to close its doors. This was due to a conservative community that did not invest in a lot of the toxic assets that lead to so many banks going under. Sometimes sticking with what works is the most innovative thing a person or organization can do. Skillman Video Group understands this and knows that quality video production is a tried and true method of spreading your message, be it tax law or anything else you care to share.  Have a live event coming up?  Call Skillman Video Group today to see how quickly and affordably you can video tape & edit your presentations, lectures or meetings!