SVG Provides Editing and Spanish Translation Services!

Picture of speaking spanish

(October 22, 2013) – SVG was recently hired to help a local Boston area company re-master their corporate training video into Spanish. 

The video had been produced on DVD almost 10 years ago (by another video production company), but the client decided it also needed a version of the same video in Spanish. 

SVG video editors were able to “rip” the English version of the video off the DVD (“ripping” is the process of copying the video files off of a previously authored DVD) and convert the MPEG2 files into a higher resolution video format for editing.

SVG’s producers then sent a version of the English video to our translators so they could begin transcribing and then translating the video from English to Spanish.

Once the process of translating the 12-minute video was completed, our Boston-based video producers were also able to assist the client in selecting Spanish-speaking professional voice-over talent from a roster of available candidates, as well as the music and graphical elements. 

We at Skillman Video Group specialize in corporate video production and believe in working collaboratively with our clients to seek their input throughout the creative process. 

In fact, the client was able to listen in by phone on the studio recording with the talent and Spanish director so they could offer their input throughout the 2-hour session!

Next up, SVG editors had to get to work laying in the new Spanish voiceover, all the while trying to keep the same timing as the English version of the video.  We also translated all the English graphics into Spanish and were able to create entirely new graphics for the video with an updated look and feel. 

Once the client gave us their final approval, SVG was able to re-author a DVD with the new Spanish voiceover, music, and graphics—truly one-stop shopping for those who need a variety of video production services.