SVG Shoots Product Marketing Videos for the Smart Track Toolkit; Time to Take Notes!

On Wednesday, the 17th of November, we shot a series of product marketing videos for Smart Track Toolkit. While we here at Skillman Video Group do our best to simplify video production for our clients, the folks at Smart Track work to make the incredibly laborious process of college applications not only easier, but more time and cost effective for both prospective students and their parents. From college funding to test prep, they aim to help all burgeoning high school students; they even have a dedicated student athlete marketing system.

Being a web-based product, Smart Track understands the need for Internet marketing, so they hired us to produce marketing and promotional content for their YouTube channel, DVD distribution and their web site. Filmed at Powderhouse Productions’ studio in Somerville, the subjects were shot on a simple white background with two cameras were rolling at all times. While participants had a teleprompter to read from, the main goal was to make sure that it didn’t seem as though they were, they needed to seem like they were having a conversation. Audiences don’t want to be talked at; they want to be talked to. Everyone from Smart Track passed with flying colors.  Please contact us today to see how marketing your product or service on the Internet can increase new business for your company!  To see pictures of our shoot with the Smart Track Tool Kit, please visit our Face Book page.