SVG shoots self-promotional marketing video

SVG shoots self-promotional marketing video 1

Christina and Francis transform into 'Google Police'.

This past week, Skillman Video Group had an exciting shoot producing a marketing video. While typically this endeavor would be for a client who hired us, instead this video was made to promote our own company.  Video production companies need promotional tools just like any other business and this video shoot gave us the chance to show off our writing, producing, directing, and editing skills among others.  After much research and investigation, the great people at the Blue Hills Reservation and Trailside Museum let us film in their location. Shooting on location can be a tricky situation with so many variables and unexpected hiccups. Thankfully, the accommodating staff let us have free range of the location and since it was closed to the public that day we could keep the set quiet.

SVG shoots self-promotional marketing video 2

The premise of the video was to show why ethical internet marketing is essential for a business to succeed.  In the video, “Helen’s Hooter Hut” hires a company that uses misleading keywords and spams sites with links to improperly gain page ranking and site awareness.  The fictitious Google officials show up to tell them that this violates Google’s terms of service and is illegal but will let them off with a warning if they hire a reputable company that employs correct methods of SEO. Incorporating a little wit and humor into the script made for a clever and informative marketing video.

In addition to producing a variety of videos to suit individual company’s needs, SVG can provide SEO and internet marketing for your business.  This type of compelling content, including blogging, for your website is what produces the greatest results when combined with video in what we call social video marketing.  To avoid falling victim to bad SEO practices like “Helen’s Hooter Hut”, contact Skillman Video Group for all your internet marketing needs. Be sure to check back in the coming weeks to see our finished marketing video!