SVG Social Media Platform of the Week: “Postling”

(April 7, 2011) – It is clear now that social media is here to stay and represents an important way for any business, small or large, to connect with their customers.

It seems like every so often, a new social media platform pops up that everyone must be a part of in order to be successful. Facebook started it, but not long after, Twitter and LinkedIn became essential as well.

That is why the focus this week will be on “Postling”, a free program that functions to allow you to view and update all of your social media accounts from one website.

Since we operate multiple social media accounts here at SVG, we understand it can be very inconvenient and often times frustrating to have to sign in and out of 3 or 4 different social networking accounts every day, putting up pictures and videos, tweeting, retweeting, posting blog entries, responding to any comments, and the many other never-ending duties that go along with maintaining a social presence online.

As mentioned, what “Postling” offers is the ability to see everything that your business does with social media on one page.

One example of how it can help is that it supports websites such as Yelp, so a company can receive notifications when someone writes a review about them. Overall, it should cut down on the amount of time that needs to be spent going back and forth between social media outlets all day because, while social media may be important, people still have businesses they need to run.

So for those who have troubled being organized or want to be even more put together with their social networking, “Postling” is something to check out.