SVG: The Intern Awakens

This will be my final blog post for SVG. While I’m saddened to say goodbye to our CEO/Creative Director, Christina, and the wonderful SVG team, I’m excited to continue on to my next adventure, now more experienced and confident from my time here. Here’s a little bit about the person behind all of our blog posts from these last few months…boston video production

I acquired my Associates Degree from Suffolk Community College and transferred to Boston University in the middle of my sophomore year. I’ve always known that I wanted to write for television and film, but it was at BU that I discovered my that my passion for video production transcended a mere interest in making small videos with friends. Being able to intern with Skillman Video Group has taught me a lot about the industry, working with clients, and maintaining a professional presence. Marketing was never something I put much thought into, but learning about SEO and social media output made me realize how much work goes into not only running a company, but also promoting it.

My favorite times at SVG would definitely have to be the shoot for the Tropicana Harvest Festival, where I was in charge of getting releases signed, and my last shoot with the company at the Jensen Sales Video shoot. Everyone I’ve met during the internship has been very kind and informative.

Not many interns get to walk away saying that they worked closely with the CEO of a professional video production company, obtained on-set and online marketing experience, and even got to interact with clients. Christina also always made time to talk with me about my professional aspirations and give me career advice. Being able to learn from someone who started their own company, oversaw its growth through an economic crisis, and created the life that they always wanted to live was beyond inspiring. I feel more capable of following my own dreams now more than ever before.

I will be spending my last semester participating in BU’s Los Angeles Internship Program and plan to move to California permanently after graduation. With new interns arriving to take over, it’s goodbye for now from this happy blogger!

Skillman Video Group LLC is a Boston video production company. Call us anytime at 1-800-784-0140.