SVG Video Of The Week: What is a Facebook Landing Page and How Do You Create One?

A landing page is the first webpage that someone will see when they click on the main link to a website. It is the first page that a user “lands” on, so to speak.  As a default, Facebook sets its landing page to the Facebook wall, so any account, whether for business or personal use will send people to the Facebook wall unless settings are otherwise changed. Now eventually you do want people to see your Facebook wall, but it can sometimes be a bit much with the pictures going across the top, and posts from others, as well as comments and advertisements. That’s why it is a good idea to consider creating a “Facebook Landing Page”.

Creating a landing page on a Facebook business page is a great way to make a positive first impression. Using images and text, the landing page can be seen as an advertisement to give viewers an idea about what your business does and why people should care. As with most social media, the more engaging landing pages will have the best success. The more a company connect with a viewer the better chance that someone will want to know more about the business and thus proceed on to look at the Facebook wall, photos, and discussions. Also, most standard landing pages will feature a “Like” button, so having a good landing page can help to generate more “likes” and better buzz for businesses! SVG is currently in the process of creating a unique landing page for our Facebook account so be on the lookout for that!

Here is a link to an article showcasing well designed landing pages:

ALSO, here is a video on how to create a Facebook landing page: