Mastering Video Production: SVG’s Customized Training Programs for Businesses

Skillman Video Group: Bridging Experience with Education


Skillman Video Group (SVG) is taking a significant step by leveraging its extensive field experience to provide specialized training for corporate and small business clients.

This new venture reflects SVG’s commitment to sharing industry knowledge and empowering businesses to enhance their in-house video production capabilities.

Tailored Training for Real-World Application

Training Session Highlights

On February 22nd, SVG conducted a dedicated training session for a marketing representative from Time Payment Corporation.

The focus was on producing high-quality testimonial videos, a crucial marketing tool for businesses aiming to capture and share customer experiences.

Testimonials, while brief, require precise execution to effectively convey the intended message and maintain the authenticity of customer endorsements.

Hands-On Learning Experience

The training was held in SVG’s new office space in downtown Boston, providing a perfect setting for a comprehensive, hands-on learning experience.

SVG’s experts covered everything from basic setup, lighting, and audio to advanced filming techniques and post-production processes.

The session was specifically tailored to align with Time Payment Corporation’s marketing objectives, ensuring relevance and immediate applicability.

Empowering Clients with Knowledge and Tools

Equipping Clients for Success

During the session, SVG also advised on the essential equipment needed for in-house video production.

This guidance included recommendations on the best equipment purchases for their specific needs, balancing cost with functionality.

By demystifying the technical aspects of video production, SVG aims to equip clients with the tools and confidence needed to produce quality video content independently.

Ongoing Support and Expertise

SVG is committed to supporting clients beyond the training sessions by providing ongoing advice and insights that help them navigate the challenges of video production.

This support ensures that clients not only leave the training with new skills but also the assurance of professional backup when needed.

SVG’s New Educational Frontier

As SVG enters the world of production training, it opens up a new avenue for businesses to develop their marketing capabilities internally.

This initiative not only enhances client competencies but also cements SVG’s role as a leader in the video production industry, committed to fostering growth and excellence in corporate video communications.