SVG’s New Conceptual Marketing Video Is Here!

Exciting news this week!  Over the past few months, the interns at Skillman Video Group have been hard at work crafting a new promotional video for SVG.

We started with the concept of demonstrating the importance of being able to tell your story through (and only through) video.  After working through the story and details, we landed on our fictional pair of business partners who don’t really seem to have a clue about video, let alone their own story.  Our end goal was to create the type of conceptual video that could effectively be used on social media, a means of marketing that has shareability built into its very format and structure.

Check out SVG’s brand new video below.

SVG is a video production company, but we also provide a number of other services with professionalism and expertise.  From conceptual development to search engine optimization, from online marketing to consulting and corporate training, SVG can handle all of your needs.

Skillman Video Group, LLC is a Boston video production company.  Call us any time at 1-800-784-0140.