Crafting the Tavern of Tales Experience: From Live Event to Vibrant Video

Tavern of Tales interview

Skillman Video Group recently embarked on a unique adventure, capturing the magic of Tavern of Tales, a new board game café in Boston.

This project challenged us to think outside the box, blending live event footage with artistic storytelling to create a marketing video that truly embodied the café’s spirit.

The Challenge: Capturing the Energy of a Live Event

Filming a live event at a bustling restaurant presented a unique set of challenges.

We had to navigate a busy environment, low lighting, and limited control over the surroundings.

Our goal was to capture the fun and excitement of Tavern of Tales without disrupting the guest experience.

The Solution: Adapting and Embracing the Flow

Our team embraced the dynamic nature of the event, adopting a “go with the flow” mindset.

We seamlessly switched between interviews and b-roll shots, capturing candid moments of laughter, camaraderie, and gameplay.

One of the most remarkable aspects of this project was the spontaneous brilliance of the interviewed influencers.

Without any prior coaching, they effortlessly articulated Tavern of Tales’ core values and unique appeal, providing us with a wealth of compelling content.

Editing & Finishing: Transforming Hours into Minutes

With hours of raw footage in hand, we embarked on our meticulous four-round editing process.

In the first round, we distilled the essence of the interviews, selecting the most engaging and impactful soundbites. This initial edit resulted in a seven-minute draft, giving our client ample options to choose from.

The second round involved collaboration and refinement. We worked closely with Tavern of Tales to determine the optimal balance between owner interviews and influencer testimonials, ensuring the final video effectively conveyed the café’s key messages.

Round three focused on selecting b-roll footage that seamlessly complemented the interviews and reinforced the video’s themes. We also incorporated music chosen by the client, carefully synchronizing the visuals with the beat and rhythm of the soundtrack.

In the final round, our colorist enhanced the video’s visual appeal, creating a vibrant and inviting atmosphere that reflected the warm and welcoming nature of Tavern of Tales. Our sound engineer meticulously balanced the audio, ensuring the music enhanced the narrative without overwhelming the voices of the interviewees.

To add a touch of visual flair, we incorporated 3D graphics, including a custom logo animation that mirrored the café’s iconic sign. These subtle touches elevated the video’s overall aesthetic, creating a polished and engaging final product.

The Result: A Vibrant and Energetic Brand Video

The finished Tavern of Tales video is a testament to our collaborative approach and dedication to capturing the essence of our clients’ brands.

It’s a fun, energetic, and informative video that invites viewers to experience the unique atmosphere and immersive gameplay that Tavern of Tales offers.