Tavern of Tales: Editing & Finishing

A short while ago, Skillman Video Group, a Boston video production agency, shot footage for a new board game cafe in Boston called Tavern of Tales. We stepped outside of the box to create an entertaining marketing video for them that communicated their key themes. We shot interviews and b-roll during a live event at their restaurant to capture the fun spirit of their business.

Our Editing & Finishing process involves looking over our raw footage and turning hours of content into a short, exciting brand video.

Editing & Finishing: Hours to Minutes 

For this project, we stuck to our customary four rounds of revisions. During the first round, we solidified the storyline by watching our interview footage back and picking out the best soundbites. One of the most successful, yet challenging, parts of this shoot was that every one of the influencers we interviewed touched upon the key messages perfectly without any coaching from us. Our client curated such an experience that our interviewees were able to give us a lot of incredible content to work with. Because of this, we cut hours of interview footage down to seven minutes.Tavern of Tales interview

We delivered the seven-minute first draft to our client to give them options. There was a fair amount of back and forth on during this second round on which interviews to keep for the shorter final cut. There needed to be a balance between interviews from the owner, Nick, and interviews from the influencers in order to best convey the key messages.

The b-roll we shot had to help drive the narrative as much as the interviews. In round three, we focused on choosing the right shots of b-roll that best contributed to supporting the video’s themes. Our client chose the music and we helped get the b-roll to match just right with it. Our colorist worked on color correcting the video to create a vibrant and warm feel. The colors really needed to pop on screen to communicate an inviting mood. Additionally, our sound engineer helped smooth out the background noise of the live event and keep the music from overpowering all of the other sounds. Finally, we got creative with 3D graphics. We worked on making the logo in the video match their sign to really elevate the piece.

Once we added some finishing touches, we had an entertaining two-minute piece that captured the energetic essence of Tavern of Tales. We sent the final product over to our client for approval and they were thrilled with the result. So were we!

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