Tech News: Are We Ready For 3D?

Let’s face it – 3D isn’t new technology. It’s been around for a long while (think back to those cheesy looking red and blue paper glasses) and for a good period of time, it seemed like 3D was just a quirky little addition to old school B-Movies. Of course, as of about a decade ago various studios began releasing movies in a “new” version of 3D. The key difference: depth perception. The film was shot and edited carefully to tweak the presentation of objects on screen to the viewer by tricking the eye into believing objects were either closer or farther away (very different from the original version of 3D, which only allowed images to “pop out” of the screen). This iteration of 3D gives a much more dynamic presentation, and when used correctly, can add an extra bit of flair to a new movie (ie. Avatar, Hugo, Spider-Man, Brave, etc.).


"The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" will have a new 3D version as well.

But are we ready for that? Does 3D actually add anything really substantial to the film? I’ve personally had this argument with numerous groups of people and it usually gets divided into two categories: 3D is amazing and more movies should be like this, and 3D is campy having little to no effect on the overall impact of a piece.




Okay, sure: these are personal opinions, but when you think about it…what does 3D actually add to a production? It definitely adds a bit of a “wow” factor – which is great for kids movies and maybe dynamic action flicks. But does it impact the story? Is there anything concrete about 3D that simply makes it the new “must have” technology for films? Here at SVG, we utilize the best technology to deliver expert results. With this trend in 3D films, and the rise of cameras soon able to shoot “3D like cinema quality,” it’s entirely possible that in the future, more projects will become 3D. Till then, this local Boston based production company will continue to deliver the best possible quality for every production we work on.


Is 3D the next big thing, or do you think it’s just a trend? Leave a comment and tell us what you think!