Testimonial Videos at HolliBalance Well-being Center

Skillman Video Group has just completed one day of filming for HolliBalance Well-being Center, an acupuncture treatment facility located in Downtown Boston. Skillman Video Group had previously met with HolliBalance’s owner, Dr. Song, to discuss how SVG could help create and execute effective marketing strategies, and decided that a marketing video and a few testimonial videos were the best approach.

Client Testimonial VIdeo

Shooting client testimonial

The testimonial videos are going to be posted on HolliBalance’s website, and will help to improve Dr. Song’s credibility and give potential clients a clear image of how HolliBalance actually works. Skillman Video Group shot two separate testimonial videos, where patients of Dr. Song spoke honestly and admiringly of her techniques, demeanor, and skills. SVG also shot B-roll of HolliBalance’s two different treatment rooms, and captured Dr. Song speaking, working with, and treating her patients. Skillman Video Group will be meeting with HolliBalance again this Friday to complete the Marketing Video which will be posted on the company’s website and YouTube.

As always, Skillman Video Group fully planned for the shoot so that it ran as smoothly as possible for the client. Before filming began, Christina Skillman briefly coached the two participants, and after the camera started rolling, directed them when necessary. If you are interested in learning more about how Skillman Video Group can help your company to market or sell your product or service through the use of video, contact Skillman Video Group today!  Be sure to check out more photos from the shoot on our Face Book page.