That’s a Wrap: SVG’s Medical Training Videos

IMG_2542Skillman Video Group has now finished up production on its medical training videos for Visual Foot Care.  The last shoot was on July 1st, with the previous two filmings in June.  This time, however, we moved to a studio in Newton Centre rather than going back to the office that was used in North Smithfield for the last two shoots.  The production ran the full day and went as smoothly as possible.  It only required a few people behind the scenes, including two Production Assistants, a Director of Photography, and the Director, (SVG’s CEO/Creative Director) Christina Skillman.  Even in front of the camera, only two people were needed.

While the move to a new space brought with it many opportunities, it also brought along a new set of challenges.  With the last two shoots, there was a lot of noise pollution that took up filming time.  Since this shoot required over 7 videos to be shot, time could not be wasted on waiting for beeping trucks outside to pass.  The trouble with moving, though, was mainly having to recreate our previous set in a new environment.  Or, at the very least, trying to come as close as possible to the original set.  That meant having to purchase cheap vinyl flooring that would imitate tile and bringing over some heavy props that we used in the previous two shoots.  The set dressing was important to focus on, as to make sure that there would be a specific consistency running throughout all of the videos.  Thankfully, the flooring was a huge help and the props and lights truly transformed the space.  Just check out these before and after shots!


Set Design

An even closer look:

Set Design

The shoot was a hefty order: getting through 7 videos in one day.  You might believe we used a professional actress, just like last time.  However, a real foot doctor was brought in for these videos.  He was very familiar with the material and comfortable speaking on-the-spot, unlike most non-professional talent.  It just goes to show that you don’t always have to hire an actor or actress.  That being said, a professional actress was hired to be the foot model for this shoot.  It’s important to keep in mind that every video production is different and the details should be sorted out based on the specific needs, budget, feel, and time.

Overall the shoot was a great success, thanks to the cast and crew.  Now on to the post-production!

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