The Hollywood Effect: Stylized Video Marketing

The Hollywood Effect: Stylized Video Marketing 1

Jean Dujardin Accepts his Oscar at the 2012 Academy Awards

The Academy Awards have been glorified as a film industry phenomenon since it was first held in 1929. They were first televised in 1953, and have subsequently become an internet media sensation. Before the Red Carpet has even been thrown, website personalities are asking their audience to tune into the glamour, the hype, and their web videos. Asking the viewer to watch a two minute clip in which they critique scenes from the year’s best picture contenders, or a video highlighting the history of the ceremony in Hollywood, is a way to engage him or her in a personalized fashion.

When your website features a video with a particular style and purpose, visitors understand your business more clearly, as if your company website put on its very own tux or gown. Depending on the image you want presented publicly, video marketing sends a message unparalleled in today’s audio/visual culture. We crave the excitement and visual mastery of The Oscars, and for the same reasons, we are more likely to convert our audience into clients with video marketing!