The Last Letter as an Intern for SVG

Emerson SMALLA few summers back, I went on a summer trip to Colorado. I had signed up to work at an eco-lodge for three months in the middle of nowhere, just on the edge of the Rocky Mountains. Upon arrival a mixture of feelings churned inside me; excitement, uncertainty, and apprehension. If only then I had known that it would end up being one of the most rewarding and defining summers of my life, any apprehension would’ve evaporated.

I mention this story, because working as an intern for Christina Skillman has been a very similar experience. I’ve never took an unpaid internship position before, and I knew the pay off was intangible yet full of potential. Presumably, speaking to you as a possible future intern, I’m sure you’ve had an experience similar to this before. Let me assure you that this experience has been one I can sincerely and ebulliently recommend.

During the course of my internship I’ve written blogs and website content and honed my ability to effectively and relevantly create content. I’ve worked on video shoot sets, learned the ins and outs of both the technical and creative aspects, once even participating on screen myself. I attended inspiring talks with important and insightful speakers, I learned a huge amount about SEO and SMM – abbreviations you’ll no doubt become intimately familiar with. I participated in building the new SVG website and I learned more doing that than I could’ve ever imagined.  Most importantly however, I gained significant insights into how to launch, grow, and maintain a business – from problem to problem, person to person, and concept to content. As a student of entrepreneurship and an aspiring entrepreneur, these are lessons I took to be very inspiring and useful. The scope of experience, the insights, and the hard and soft skills I’ve gathered from this experience are quite invaluable.

You can’t ask for more working with Christina. She’s always on point, driven, interesting, motivating, not to mention able to chat for literally hours (I suggest brushing up on your tennis terminology). You’ll do so many things, meet all sorts of professionals and interesting people, learn so much, and have a great time doing it.


~ Emerson Ward