The New MySpace Will Blend Social Media (2012)

It’s hard to believe just how young social media is.

If we step back and look at which platforms we use today (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) versus the platforms of just a few years ago, we can see a clear difference.

Said differences can be found in the quality of the platforms—sharing images, music, thoughts, and videos—as well as who can see the content.

Thinking back a decade ago, prior to the creation of Facebook, we had some platforms such as LiveJournal, Blogspot, and MySpace. If you stopped using (or never used) these social media outlets, check out their respective websites; they haven’t gone anywhere…In fact, most of these sites have completely changed to adjust to the new demands of their user base.

The big one I’d like to focus on today is MySpace.

A Sneak Peak At The New Myspace
A Sneak Peak At The New Myspace

Myspace was initially one of the pioneers of social media, allowing users to share content with each other.

However, when Facebook started to explode, MySpace started to fall by the wayside; it was unable to compete with the intuitive user interface set forward by the soon-to-be social media conglomerate.

Rather than shutting down at the loss of a huge number of users, MySpace decided to evolve into a music-sharing website where bands could post albums and share their music with the world.

This worked out pretty well for the former contender, but now it seems as though MySpace is going through another change.

As their website points out, they’re rebuilding myspace from the ground up. From the looks of things, this new version of MySpace is attempting to integrate everything.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more will all be accessible from a global MySpace page. The design looks seamless, and MySpace is planning to change the way we interact with our social media.

Will this new rendition of an older platform make waves of change for other media? We’ll know soon enough.