The “Scoop” on Video Production Services at Events

Boston Video Production Services

Skillman Video Group’s professional video production company was recently asked to pack our equipment and send a team down to the Nutrition & Food Convention at the Boston Convention Center. More specifically, to take footage of the rapidly growing ice cream company Brio. The corridors were packed, food could be smelled from outside the entrance gates, and the energy was electric. It was the perfect opportunity to film; capturing the real essence of Brio at the Convention Center for all to watch and experience

Having your company filmed at events, like a convention, is a superb way for our video marketing company to share your products and voices with the world. Recording at events provides a natural energy that can’t be otherwise manufactured. It gives us an opportunity to record scripted and rehearsed footage, while also leaving room for organic interviews, action shots of satisfied customers, genuine reactions, and a real insight into all that you are. At events, our Boston video company comes in with all the equipment needed. SVG set up our quality lighting equipment around the Brio booth, creating a vibe that made the ice cream stand appear famous, inviting, popular. Crowds of people approached the ice cream stand with compliments and questions, and our Boston professional videographer Michael Brigida was there to capture all of it. Clips of people enjoying ice cream and providing positive feedback spoke for itself: everyone love Brio.

SVG’s video production services not only professionally capture the candid moments from events – we come ready and prepared with plans. Working alongside the Brio team, specific shots and moments were organized well in advance. Preparation ensured everything we needed, we got. All angles and frames were filmed, lit, and recorded with top video quality. Interview questions for customers were crafted for optimal responses, and one on one moments with Brio owners (and twins) Arnie and Ron Koss were seamlessly executed.

The overall product is incredible footage that ensures success for your business. In this case, the taste and quality of Brio ice cream speaks for itself; we just make sure to professionally enhance, record, and share with you the “scoop”!

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