The Top Video Production Companies in New England

Skillman Video Group

At SVG, our video production services surpass video production by delving into a businesses’ brand development. The slogan “from concept to content” is indicative of the necessity of storytelling, as well as different marketing strategies, which systematically individualize a company’s brand. By designing initiatives that are specialized for each client, which include the discovery process, grassroots brainstorming sessions, and “meet and greet” gatherings, our team is able to create original content in an efficient way. Working closely with the client is our top priority in order to execute a successful plan. While rafting a marketing plan is an important step, SVG still prioritizes its primary goal, which is to tell a story pertinent to the client.

Video production in New England is a unique industry that is unified by the objective to tell stories. While businesses hire production companies to advertise their brands throughout the country, there is still a concentrated market in certain regions, which ultimately puts a great deal of emphasis on the video companies that are well established. Here are the top 5 best companies in the area:


True Life Media

A company based in Portland, Maine, True Life specializes in creating video work for a variety of clients, including networks, agencies and nonprofits. Their clients are their primary focus, in that their storytelling pertains solely to the client’s wishes and image for their own company. True Life is composed of seven team members, and their reel, blog, and contact form can be easily accessed through their website

Strong Paw Productions

Relying on the power, impact, and “pervasiveness” that video has in today’s world, this company’s helps non profit organizations and businesses reach new audiences through video marketing, which is an excellent way to garner a broader viewership for companies in every industry. Strong Paw’s specialty is “crafting messages that are more than just information. We make content people actually WANT to watch” (Strong Paw). By outlining their production process in a clear and detailed way, and by providing an impressive portfolio, Strong Paw takes an extra step in familiarizing clients with their own brand’s message.


GeoMatrix Productions

Geomatrix is based in Woodbridge, Connecticut, and has been an established production company for the last 35 years. By providing every client the chance to tell their own unique story, they offer an array of creative services. They include “concept to scriptwriting, location scouting, casting, production, audio post, and final edit” (GeoMatrix). By being present for the entire production, GeoMatrix establishes a personable relationship with its clients.

Media Infocus

Based in Watertown, Connecticut, Media Infocus specializes in “videography and photography for small businesses, start ups, professional firms, and manufacturers” (Media Infocus). The company writes scripts, produces, and edits their corporate videos, promos, and other content for Kickstarter campaigns, which provides a diverse selection of content that their clients get to fit their businesses to. Each video in their portfolion provides the format of distribution, client objectives, target audience, and notes about the production, which gives viewers a thorough insight into how the company is run.

New Hampshire

New Sky Productions

New Sky is a full service video production company. In addition to offering video production services, they also specialize in photography and marketing strategy. Their work “drives understanding and action” (New Sky), and is dedicated to telling stories that resonate with an audience, while at the same time providing tactics such as docu-marketing, social video, ads, and more (New Sky).

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Hen House Media

Located in South Burlington, Vermont, Hen House Media is a creative video house, equipped to travel the world in order to accommodate any client. The company is dedicated to “capturing stories, engaging viewers, and helping their clients grow” (Hen House. Their content has an innovative approach, unique to every client, which allows for an impactful marketing campaign. In order to achieve their objectives, Hen House outlines the client’s goals and then forms a plan that captures the essence of the brand through storytelling.

Rhode Island

Gatsby Video Production

In North Providence, Rhode Island, Gatsby has been creating video content for the last 18 years. Their services include video recording, production, and duplication. Their portfolio consists of promotional videos, live event photography and video, and how-to instructional videos. By advertising their personal objective of 100% satisfaction guaranteed, Gatsby assures its clients of a successful video campaign.

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Harken Productions

In Providence, Rhode Island, Harken Productions has been established for almost 20 years The company works closely with its clients, mainly organizations, “to help them achieve their mission by producing short documentary style videos to help with their marketing, fundraising, and overall brand development” (Harken). Their portfolio is easily accessible, and their individual quality is the desire to produce compelling content that evokes deeper meaning within its subject matter.


ECast Productions

Located in Boston, Massachusetts, ECast Productions specializes in “script writing, directing, cinematography, lighting, sound, editing, post production, and project management” (ECast). Their impressive portfolio, which can be seen on their main site, boasts thousands of projects, and their professionalism makes the company one of Boston’s most impressive video production houses.

While no two companies are the same, each production company has the desire to effectively represent and tell the story of their clients. New England is a place filled with budding businesses and well established organizations, which makes the demand for video production quite high. Regardless of which production company chosen, it can be expected that the content they create will be an exceptional depiction of any client’s brand or message.