Three camera shoot for Hebrew at the Center in Newton

On a recent Sunday morning, the SVG crew traveled to the headquarters of recurring client Hebrew at the Center in Newton, MA. We were hired to film part of their mini-conference featuring affiliates from across the country who teach the Hebrew language.  HATC provides training and support for instructors at schools and synagogues and aims to revolutionize the effectiveness of teaching and learning Hebrew in all educational settings.

Three camera shoot for Hebrew at the Center in Newton 1

The three camera set-up.

Three camera shoot for Hebrew at the Center in Newton 2

Christina directs the Hebrew at the Center group for one of the discussion segments.

SVG shot four 20-minute segments of roundtable discussion led by Professor Vardit Ringvald, Senior Academic Advisor at HATC and star of the online lecture series. Each segment involved Vardit plus three attendees, all equipped with lavalier microphones for optimum sound quality. We decided to shoot the group with three cameras for maximum coverage, getting a wide shot of the group and a two-shot for each pair. This gave us the best option for editing the sequences into the 2-3 minute clips HATC requested for their website. These clips will be used to not only capture what went on at the conference and instruct teachers remotely, but will also showcase their talents and skills. Ultimately, this video will be effective as a marketing tool for Hebrew at the Center to get their message out about their teaching concepts and strategies.

Skillman Video Group greatly appreciates our repeat clients and strives to develop a comfortable rapport while maintaining the utmost professionalism. Videos for Hebrew at the Center give us the chance to flex our editing muscles by taking verbal cues in a language other than our own, and even pick up a little Hebrew along the way!