Time Management on Set

Time management is a huge factor that needs to be at the front of every crew members mind while on set at a Boston video production shoot. Recently as interns, Jason Sanchez and myself worked on our own video production for Skillman Video Group and there were a few factors that came into play working before/during the shoot. With only so many hours on set, all personnel need to be prepped and ready for production day so that all the needed shots can be filmed and ready for post edit.


During this specific production set, we met frequently to discuss the many factors that have to into a production set. Working for a Boston video marketing company such as SVG steps the game up for the quality and efficiency required. As interns, we spent countless hours preparing several vital sections prior to the production day that entailed:

  1. Script
  2. Cast
  3. Crew members
  4. Rundown
  5. Cost


These were essential items to have mapped out before the production shoot to ensure efficient time management on set. Having the script written out may seem like a given but this is something that is essential for any acted production. If the script lines run longer than expected, all people on set have to be prepared to stay for longer scenes and more angles. By reading the script out loud and timing the full length of the intended video, the producer and director has a better idea of what to expect while filming and how fast the scenes need to be read. After this task was completed, the next difficult one followed. Figuring out a proper rundown is never easy but you have to keep a tight schedule while on set. When using video production services, estimating the film time is curtail for cost and moral efficiency. For this production shoot we mapped out six and a half hours of set up and film time, which we stayed on schedule with. Some shots were run through multiple times where others were quickly done in one or two takes making the filming process balanced with time for scene changes. Having a properly timed rundown can keep a crew and cast working at maximum effort because there is only so much time to get all the shots done.


Having a script printed out for the actors and an efficient rundown being monitored kept the production team moving. This was a fantastic opportunity to see all the stages of video production, from the basics of script writing to the actual filming and directing during the production day. Jason and I learned the valuable lesson of time management which we excelled at with the invested preparation before the production began with Skillman Video Group.

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