Time Payment Shoot – Alive with Animation!


As mentioned in our previous blog post, Skillman Video Group has just finished the shoot stage of a multi-stage process for Time Payment in creating a Web Commercial Video Series. These stages include: Concept Creation, Scripting, Casting Call, Shoot, and Video Post-Production. Now that The shoot is over, it is time to move forward into the Video Post-Production Stage.

For this particular web commercial video series, Post Production means more than it usually does. Most videos require editing for light and color, sound and synchronicity, and placing each scene, clip, and cut together seamlessly. These are all still fundamental pieces of the process, however there was an additional element in the concept of this video that will be highly post production intensive. That element is animation.


For this video, we had our paid actor speak to the camera and inform the audience of the various options Time Payment provides and how Time Payment is a more wise choice when choosing to pay for business equipment. As our Actor is speaking in his very eloquent and pragmatic way, he is also drawing in the air, as if there was a glass wall between him and the camera, and creating animation that coincides with the script as he goes along. Of course, he isn’t actually drawing as we shot the video; he is scribbling in thin air, and it isn’t until Post Production and some fancy animation work that his air scribbles become alive as colorful animated drawings, helping to illustrate the script and creating an additional visual attraction.

Our team at Skillman Video Group has worked hard for months preparing, planning, and executing this commercial video series. Soon, the video will be finished for the world to see and Skillman Video Group will have created just another example of what Skillman Video Group is capable of and how – from concept to creation – we are Boston’s Best Video Production Company.  Skillman Video Group is a Boston Video Production Company. Call us anytime at 800-784-0140.