3 SEO Secrets You Haven’t Been Told

Search Engine Optimization Tips

As a Boston video production team starting from the ground up while competing with established video marketing companies, we had to dig our way to the top. When we say dig, we mean through the content and pounded information that the Internet stores. How did a startup video production company find favor in the eyes of Google? The answer: Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the primary driving force behind garnering attention and acquiring new visitors to your website. A primary way we at Skillman Video Group are doing this and staying competitive with other video marketing companies is through masterful keyword strategizing. If your keyword game is lacking, so is your SEO. In the end, a better keyword game means a better chance at reaching your target audience. Here’s 3 keyword tips that are proven ways to boost your SEO.

Effective Search Engine Optimization

  1. LSI keywords

LSI keywords are the words that differentiate your specific keyword. Let’s say someone Google’s the keyword “mouse”

Google will show this..  SEO, keywords, LSI keywords, video marketing company

As you can see, two main options come up. A mouse, like the rodent and a computer mouse. This is where LSI keywords will come in handy for your specific website. LSI keywords are going to differentiate your keyword in order to associate it according to the specific type of service or product you are selling.

Search Engine Optimization Tools and Techniques

For example, you’re a video production company. To find your specific LSI keywords, Google “video marketing”. Scroll through the results and throughout the descriptions, Google will automatically bold LSI keywords associated with the topic. For “video marketing,” the LSI keywords are, “Video production, business, video marketing services, video marketing strategy, video marketing companies, marketing services, etc.” Something to think about as well is location. Ensure to add where you’re located. You do video marketing in Boston? Include “Boston video production” in your LSI keywords as well. You may also consider using the LSI Keyword Generator.

These keywords should be included in your website description- what Google displays to viewers when they see your website as a Google result- as well as on your actual website page in headers, your html and captions. What exactly does this do? It tells Google what your website is about and how to organize it within the search queries. 

Google Related Searches Tool

  1. The next aspect of LSI keywords is a bit easier to explain and demonstrate. These LSI keywords will be based on “searches similar to __). For example, searches related to “video production” shows this. 

Video production, video production company, LSI keywords, SEO

Location, services, etc. are all specific focuses the LSI keywords should cover. What this will do is narrow down the searches towards your site, for specific searches as well as related searches. These LSI keywords are recommended to be included throughout your description, website, and/or html. By Googling a keyword or phrase, you can get an idea about what people are saying or what phrases and keywords are commonly used to discuss and describe the topic. Utilize these words. 

Best Keywords Research Tools

  1. Reddit Tools

Have you ever used Reddit to find the specific keywords surrounding your topic. Neither have we, but we are absolutely going to start thanks to the tip from Brian Dean with Backlinko. Reddit is an open forum style website that allows users to discuss any topic, literally anything. What does this mean? People who invest time and effort into any topic are talking about it on the internet and you can find the specific common phrases they are using to discuss it. Reddit would take forever to search through for these phrases. Luckily, there is Keyworddit. A tool made to locate the common phrases that are associated with the topic being discussed. Simply search the keyword in Keyworddit and you will see the common associated keywords and phrases that people are using to discuss that topic with. Searching SEO in the searcher displays results such as, “responsive web design, ad preview tool, and social media websites”. When it comes to SEO, these three things obviously mean something and so should be included in a discussion or description about it.

When using keyworddit, keep in mind if they don’t show results for the topic, it means it isn’t trending enough traffic in Reddit to be considered. When it is successful, use these keywords on your site, in your description, in your alt. texts, captions, everything. Your alt. texts are going to associate your chosen images with the topics in your website. When it comes to people accessing your website through searching Google, you will be rewarded greatly by these alt. texts and captions. 

Best Free SEO Tools

Think of the Internet as a fast moving river. Whether you’re a photographer, mouse exterminator, or video production company, you are a fisherman trying to catch as many fish as you can in this river. Video marketing company, marketing strategy, SEOThere are specific types of hooks, bait, and techniques to catch all the different kinds of fish. SEO and LSI keywords are the ways to strategically “fish” out your target audience amongst the loud and rapid moving water of the Internet river. When it comes to SEO, as a top-competing Boston video production company, we understand how crucial this piece of marketing is and are constantly trying to improve our keyword game. If you’re on the Internet, you should be too.

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