Top 5 Video Marketing Trends for 2018

What is video marketing?

Video marketing is a marketing tactic that focuses on business advertising by creating short video segments that should range from 2 minutes to 5 minutes. Video marketing are usually from articles online and other videos.

Why Is It Important?

Video marketing is important a company because it can help boost video conversions and sales. In many cases, statistics have shown that adding a product video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. Studies have shown that users that watch explanation or product videos, has helped companies up to 74% that leads it directly to sales, depending on the type of company. 

1.) Live Video Marketing

The newest video marketing trend that has been very popular on the internet is live video. From Facebook to Instagram, both applications have adopted the live streaming tactic. studies have shown that there are clear advantages by streaming live.

  • Live streaming attracted users and helps humanize a company along with bringing in their personality
  • Live videos increase viewer count, usually spending more time interacting with the streamer than just watching a pre-recorded video

Boston video production companies should take notice, live video is vital in today’s day and age. It’s easy to set up, and easy to communicate directly to viewers. With smartphones, laptops, and cameras, there are so opportunities for live video.

2.) Paid and Sponsored Content

Another popular trend, that has been on the rise on YouTube over the last several years, are sponsored videos. The video field offers all kinds of opportunities, by having sponsored videos, and adding paid advertising campaigns can make a huge difference. As a video production Boston company, it is vital to understand that advertising content allows all types of partnerships. With Youtube, it can be beneficial to create content constantly, the more videos that are made the more sponsors a video gets. It’s a way for a company to gain recognition. With sponsored content, video spreads faster and it allows it to gain more views. Without sponsored content, videos can still gain some views but not as much as a sponsored video.

3.) Mobile Video Marketing

One of the reasons why videos are everywhere is because they can be anywhere and watched anytime. With videos, media creates a path for the content to be integrated with all types of applications.  With smartphones, videos have never been so easily accessible.  What is great about video content on a phone, and editing it to a phone, is how adaptable it is. One thing that has been popular on Instagram, that started in 2017 and has continued to see growth in 2018, are Instagram banners.

Instagram banners have helped Instagram and video creators be more creative with video presentations. People that watch video on Instagram only have one way to watch videos, horizontally. With users finding new ways to present videos, it just comes to show how popular videos are and how people find the opportunity to keep things refreshing.

4.) Video Marketing and Animation

Out of the many professional video companies in Boston, one thing that Skillman Video Group has been successful with is showing the viewer rather than telling. Statistics have shown that 98% of users that watch explainer videos learn more about a product or service. It is also the reason why 45% of businesses have video marketing explainer videos on their homepage. Of those businesses that use this tactic, up to 83% of the time the video has been effective.

Creating animated videos can bring concepts and ideas to life. Animated videos are a perfect combination of entertainment, educational, and simplicity. It also directs and demands attention to the viewer. Animation functions for the brain, and it is easy to tell the viewer to “Look At This!” rather than the viewer reading text. In addition, it is easier for the viewer to understand, and is the reason why a lot of kids learn things through animation. This can be said for adults as well except the topics are more complicated. It is also a form of storytelling and helps people remember things.

5.) Social Media Video Marketing

With the rise of social media over the last decade, video content and live streaming have never been this easy to watch, interact, and spread.

It allows people to be immersed in the video itself allowing new angles and a viewing experience that is otherwise impossible. Statistics have shown in most cases that a video that is shorter unskippable than of a video that is longer.



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