Top 4 Marketing Trends

Top Marketing Trends

As a business owner, the last thing you want to worry about is the constant updates on social media and the ever changing marketing trends. It is apparent that every year the internet comes out with something new to get involved with. However, how are you supposed to know what marketing trends are actually winners and not just a scheme? As an award winning video marketing company in Boston, MA, Skillman Video Group has seen its fair share of trends over our 10 years in business. Nonetheless, what continues to drive marketing is networking, visuals, and a feel good story.

How do you Plan a Marketing Campaign?

Testimonial video production

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Getting an audiences attention takes a unique marketing campaign, yet retaining their focus can be just as hard. Developing interactive content for your customers or audience is a great way to retain their attention. You might notice how magazines do this every day with quizzes and tests for their reader. Not only is this a fun way to interact with your customers, but it can also be beneficial for you! Depending on your business or product, you are able to know more about what your customers are looking for.

Influencer Marketing Strategy

Being a business in Boston means you have to constantly stand out from the shadows of your competitors. Yet, who said you can’t make friends with other businesses to promote each other? The influencer is someone who truly believes in your business, brand, or product. As a result, you are able to create a relationship with this person or business to promote each other, whether that be through social media or ads. In other words, the Influencer provides trustworthy recommendations, and you are able to do the same for them. This is another great way network and allows you to create a business relationship. In our case, as a video production and video marketing company in New England, we have created some great relationships with our clients over the years. Not only have we produced numerous marketing videos for them, but they have also recommended us to other business and friends. Although this is a small scale example of an influencer, it shows the power of creating relationships through high quality business and products.

Video Marketing YouTube

Boston Video ProductionWhat do newspapers and magazine have in common? Paper. Everywhere you look today people are on their phones, laptops, and tablets. With websites creating shorter content that is made for the fast paced world, video has become the go-to. As a business, you must understand that your customers want informative content that is easily obtained, easy to understand, and trustworthy. Video provides the visuals to your customers, and does so in a timely fashion. Instead of reading through an article on why you are the top business for the job, show them. Not only does this create a relationship with your customers, but it also provides a quicker way for them to get your information. However, this isn’t saying that all written content is a thing of the past. Organic search results are just as important, which is why video marketing and written content marketing go hand in hand.

Influencers Social Media

You have probably heard us discuss the importance of storytelling for any video marketing campaign, but it is just as important to adjust the content you create for your audience. If you are targeting millennials it’s important to provide visuals display the content on social media sites. If you are developing content for an older crowed perhaps social media isn’t best suited for your business to produce ads on. Think about your customers habits and lifestyle. What they are reading and looking at every day, and front there you will be able to know exactly what content will attract your audience the most. No matter what though, be sure to deliver a message that will resonate with the prospected customers.

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