Consultation Services for Corporate Video

The Creative Business Person

Video Consultation ServicesAre you a “creative?” You know, someone who solves problems in your own unique way, or maybe you’ve always felt a passion for the arts and humanities. Creatives are highly generative people who are generally committed to self-growth and continually emboldening businesses with their unique perspectives. If you’re a creative member of a Boston based business, and you’ve always been curious about learning the process of creating video, then Skillman Video Group can equip you with the skills and knowledge that you’ll need to get on set.

At Skillman Video Group, we offer a service unique to most Boston video production businesses: Video Consultation Services.

Video Consultation Services

More often than not, SVG gets contracted by a business to develop, shoot, edit, and market a newly created video. This process is not only our bread and butter, but also is the work that we feel passionately about. However, sometimes a business will approach us to say, “Hey! We love your work, and we want to start a media division at our company!” or “We’ve been thinking of a little project lately, and want your advice on what gear to use.” We video production professionals at SVG are more than happy to oblige!

When to Consult and When to Contract?

We’re more than happy to fulfill whatever consultation request that your business may have, but we want our clients to understand when it’s best to hire us as consultants as opposed to our more traditional role.

If your business is considering creating in-house productions on an ongoing basis, then our consultation services will immensely help your initial set up. We’ll reccomend what gear to invest in, teach you the best way to learn the ins and outs of potentially intimidating equipment, and provide on going support throughout the life of your productions. As the complexity of your productions grows, so will your business’s needs. Having a video consultant who knows your business can help create the perfect product for your next video marketing campaign.

The decision to contract or consult needs to be considered on a case-by-case basis. At SVG, we’ll help your business decide what makes the best sense for your unique case.

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