University Interviews for the EU’s “Living Innovation” project

expert being interviewedWe produce videos for a variety of reasons. One recent project had us filming interviews of experts for the project “Living Innovation,” which the Institute for Managing Sustainability at Vienna University of Economics and Business received a grant to fund from the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme. Though many of our videos are just a single taking head interview, with the interviewer off the camera, this one featured both the interviewer and the interviewee in each shot. We used three cameras, each capturing different shots (one for each figure, and one overview shot of the two together.)

For lighting, we used two 300 watt LED key lights, which provided the equivalent of 1.5 kilowatts of tungsten lights, which were daylight balanced. In addition, we used daylight valanced fill lights with four fluorescent bulbs, and small lights filling each wall. To compensate for the brightness difference between the world outside and the inside lighting, we used neutral density gel on the windows, applied with water to suction the gel onto the glass.

To capture sound, we used two lavalier mics coming wirelessly to the boom recorder, with a shotgun mic in the camera for backup.wide shot of shoot

One camera we used was Sony FS7, while the other two cameras were DSLRs. In this case, it was important to sync the frame rate for each camera, as there are different standards for European and North American video.

As in many of our shoots, transparent powder was applied to the majority of the figures’ faces in order to reduce shine. Each expert was briefed on the basic topics that they would be interviewed about, but came up with answered questions on the spot. Because we were producing edited video and not a live feed, it was possible for the experts to repeat or rephrase their answers as needed.

Brian operating the cameraFor this client, we acted primarily as videographers, without engaging in a “Discovery” phase, in which we learn about our client and their goals – since the people behind the Living Innovation project already had a clear vision in mind. Whether your company needs a video marketing agency who will help them form a video marketing strategy start to finish, or an excellent videography team who will get the job done, Boston video production company, Skillman Video Group is here to get you where you need to go.

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