Capturing Expertise: University Interviews for the EU’s “Living Innovation” Project

expert being interviewed

Video production is a versatile art form, adapting to the unique needs of each project.

Recently, we embarked on a journey to capture the insights of experts for “Living Innovation,” a project funded by the EU’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme at the Institute for Managing Sustainability at Vienna University of Economics and Business.

Unlike our typical single-take interviews, this project called for a more dynamic approach.

We aimed to capture the natural flow of conversation between interviewer and interviewee, showcasing their interaction and fostering a sense of engagement.

Three Cameras, Three Perspectives: Crafting a Visual Symphony

Brian operating the camera

To achieve this, we employed a three-camera setup, each with a distinct purpose.

One camera focused on the interviewee, capturing their expressions and gestures, while another zoomed in on the interviewer, highlighting their reactions and active listening.

The third camera provided a wider shot, framing both individuals in the context of their environment. T

his multi-camera approach created a visually rich tapestry, allowing viewers to feel immersed in the conversation.

Lighting the Way: Balancing Natural and Artificial Light

Lighting played a crucial role in achieving a professional look.

We harnessed the power of two 300-watt LED key lights, strategically positioned to mimic daylight and create a flattering glow on our subjects.

Daylight-balanced fill lights with four fluorescent bulbs further enhanced the scene, while smaller lights illuminated the walls, ensuring a consistent and well-lit environment.

To compensate for the bright exterior light seeping through the windows, we applied neutral density gel, effectively taming the harsh sunlight and creating a more balanced exposure.

Capturing Every Word: A Symphony of Sound

wide shot of shoot

Audio quality was paramount, so we used two lavalier microphones wirelessly connected to a boom recorder.

A shotgun microphone mounted on the camera served as a backup, ensuring that every word and nuance of the conversation was captured with crystal clarity.

Our camera arsenal included a Sony FS7 and two DSLRs.

To ensure seamless editing, we meticulously synchronized the frame rates of all three cameras, accommodating the different standards used in Europe and North America.

The Art of the Unscripted Interview: Fostering Authenticity

To ensure a natural and engaging conversation, we briefed the experts on the general topics but encouraged them to answer questions spontaneously.

Because we were producing edited videos rather than a live feed, the experts had the freedom to rephrase or repeat their answers as needed, ensuring their message was conveyed clearly and concisely.

From Vision to Reality: Tailoring Our Approach to Client Needs

Unlike our typical projects, which involve a comprehensive discovery phase to understand the client’s goals, the “Living Innovation” team had a clear vision from the outset.

Our role was to translate that vision into a visually stunning and informative series of videos.

Whether you need a full-service video marketing agency to guide you through every step of the process or a skilled videography team to execute your vision, Skillman Video Group is here to help you achieve your goals.