Video Blogs – Coming Soon

(July 23, 2913) – Here at Skillman Video Group, we practice what we preach.

Our blog posts have covered all sorts of topics surrounding marketing approaches, techniques, insights, and so on.

Skillman Video Group, however, isn’t simply a marketing firm. We specialize in internet and video marketing. So, we’ve decided to up the ante.

We’re going to begin posting video blogs. They’ll be short tidbits behind the scenes of current projects, quasi-commercials, explanations or examples of work we’ve done, et cetera. These video blogs will serve a few functions:

1) We’ll be employing the power of video—one we prescribe to many of our clients and one we strongly believe in. This will amplify our website, captivate our followers, and attract new clients.

2) These videos will serve as a great way to inform our clients of the work we’ve done and are working on. It’ll provide a more textural and tangible insight into our company, our projects, and our work.

3) We’ll be standing by our word and using video to promote ourselves and enrich the experiences of prospective and current clients’ on our site.

The first video blog is in the works now. Stay posted!